May 30, 2024

Brand Position from Service Quality


Service quality is considered as one of the prerequisites, affirming the brand position of enterprises and organizations. Especially, for the banking and finance industry, service quality is a measure of customers’ satisfaction and trust in using services.

In the context of economic development, most banks today have similar products and services. Therefore, in addition to constantly improving the diversified financial product portfolio, streamlining procedures and transaction processes, banks compete fairly with service quality to enhance brand reputation. .

Facilities, personnel, operations, and technology are the elements constituting the service quality of the Bank. Operating under the motto “Beautiful Bank – Good Service”, in the journey of 30 years of development, Nam A Bank has constantly made persistent efforts, strongly transformed to promote service quality, transform digital into increased competition in the financial market.

Specifically, with a network scale of nearly 110 business units and nearly 100 automatic transaction points, ONEBANK has all been standardized by Nam A Bank, equipped with modern and spacious facilities. Moreover, the Bank continuously invests in infrastructure technology, pioneers in bringing robots to serve customers, modernizes the sales process with tablets, etc. catching up with the 4.0 technology trend that has brought the best experiences. advantages and differences for customers.

In addition, by applying advanced technology to the operating system, Nam A Bank’s transaction processes and procedures are streamlined, reducing paper use, and processing quickly towards saving time. time for customers as well as realizing the goal of “Green Bank”.

Young, professional and dedicated staff at Nam A Bank.

Besides, in the context of digital transformation, people are still the factor that owns technology. Therefore, building, maintaining and developing the quality of human resources has always been Nam A Bank’s top priority. At the same time, the Bank always focuses on training and developing personnel, especially equipping the necessary skills and competencies to suit the digital transformation process and mastering technology. From there, maximize the capacity, youth, and human values ​​of each individual, and at the same time promote the unique corporate culture of the Bank.

Building a friendly, professional, dynamic, youthful, healthy, competitive, open and united working environment, Nam A Bank wishes to create favorable conditions for employees to unleash their creativity and promote their potential, skills and expertise. Base on that, create a team of professional personnel to serve customers.

With strong moves and strides in building and developing people, service quality, corporate culture, enhancing brand position… Nam A Bank has just been honored to receive the award for the Most Beautiful Banking Experience Vietnam 2022 awarded by International Business Magazine (IBM).

This is a recognition for the Bank’s efforts in human resource development strategy, customer service quality, information technology system, etc., to bring the best experience to customers, partners and shareholders towards the direction. came to celebrate Nam A Bank’s 30th Anniversary (October 21, 1992 – October 21, 2022).



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