April 18, 2024

Nam A Bank – Best Digital Innovation Bank Vietnam 2022


Nam A Bank is honored to receive the award of Best Digital Innovation Bank Vietnam 2022 by International Business Magazine (IBM). This is a recognition for the Bank’s efforts and achievements in the digital transformation journey.

To achieve this prestigious award, Nam A Bank has passed and fully met the strict criteria set forth, and at the same time, the Organizing Committee highly appreciates the breakthrough in developing the Digital Ecosystem, enhancing service quality, bringing the optimal experience to customers.

Specifically, Nam A Bank has continuously perfected and upgraded the digital ecosystem and become one of the leading commercial banks in technology. Proven through achievements such as Open Banking Digital, OPBA Robot and ONEBANK automatic transaction point system, customers can transact, withdraw money, deposit, etc. anytime, anywhere, 365+ banking without limited time and space.

Following the success of Open Banking for individual customers, in 2022, Nam A Bank has launched a version for Institutional customers with a modern interface, integrated with more features and utilities, helping customers perform online banking transactions quickly, safely and securely. At that time, customers can use outstanding utilities such as Online Savings, flexible withdrawal of capital, EKYC – Electronic identification, online bill payment, buy 6-digit beautiful digital account, online savings deposit with interest High interest rate, financial & securities community – Youtrade on Open Banking App, non-life insurance… Especially, Nam A Bank is also one of the pioneer banks to integrate technology to read information on chip-based citizen IDs through technology wireless connection on Open Banking App.

With modern financial and technological achievements being launched to the market, Nam A Bank’s products and services have been well received and trusted by customers. This is evidenced by the increasing usage rate of Nam A Bank’s digital products and services. In which, the proportion of online transactions accounts for more than 90% of the total number of transfer and payment transactions of the Bank. From 2017 up to now, Nam A Bank has been honored to reach the top position of Vietnam ICT Index (Report on readiness index for development and application of IT and Communication in Vietnam).

In its 30-year development journey, Nam A Bank has made its mark on the financial market with its advancements and outstanding technological achievements. Not only that, the Bank will continue to make strong strides in digital transformation with the goal of governance and operation on a digital platform, creating different products and services that bring the best experiences to customers. Priority, happiness for customers.



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