July 13, 2024

Financing the Future with Fixed Income


Since 2003, Capital 3PM has introduced institutions and high net-worth individuals to secured, asset-backed, or insured fixed-income concepts. We offer our clients access to an unparalleled suite of fixed-income loan notes and corporate bonds.

Capital 3PM has almost two decades of experience in the global investment space, managing an established client base of both institutional and retail investors.

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The Capital 3PM Approach

We believe in investments that perform. For nearly 20 years, we’ve been sourcing the best fixed-interest opportunities for international investors: those that deliver high returns, regardless of challenging conditions such as turbulent financial markets or rising inflation.

In that time, we’ve placed over GBP 2 billion for investors from 45 countries – and our provider partners have never defaulted on a payment. Central to this success is our approach to due diligence.

Before screening investment opportunities, we ensure that companies can demonstrate:

  • 10-year track record – as a minimum
  • GBP 1 billion of deliverable assets
  • FCA-regulated security trustee and/or A-rated, Lloyds of London insurance backed
  • UK onshore banking presence
  • Board of directors with hundreds of years combined experience

All our fixed-income partners are UK-based with decades of expertise in their respective sectors. Even during the global pandemic, they have proven that their operating model and corporate structures have remained robust during the ongoing global uncertainties we continue to face.

What we do

Capital 3PM Fixed income because…

  • We offer short-dated instruments, typically 12 or 24 months
  • Return profiles ranging from 8-12% in GBP, USD & EUR
  • Income paid either quarterly, semi-annual or deferred
  • GBP base currency with USD hedged and EUR hedged options
  • Security in the form of first legal charges, debentures and/or A-rated, Lloyds of London Insurance Backed

An alternative to investments that rely on the performance of financial markets, our fixed-income products are non-market correlated – providing stability during times of market turbulence and rising inflation.

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