May 20, 2024

ahliBank adopts Systemic Digitization Approach


Adopting a customer-centric approach and digitizing business process initiatives, ahlibank recently unveils ahliexpress, an express digital banking service, under the umbrella of “ahliDigital” at the Madinat al Sultan Qaboos branch.

AhliDigital Express Banking Service at Madinat al Sultan Qaboos branch

The multifunctional device enhanced its digital scope and ushered in a new standard in banking, with state-of-the-art facilities for tech-savvy customers, who prefer and believe in digital fulfillment over the traditional banking approach. The new branch is the bank’s first digital branch.

ahlibank is driven by its customers’ needs and by placing their requirements at the forefront of business priorities, the bank seeks to integrate and adopt innovative digital solutions to consistently exceed customer expectations. What began as a natural transition from traditional banking practices to the digitalization of services, has recently bolstered its digital transformation, with fully integrated banking solutions under a single platform, offering its customers tailored digital journeys to offer smooth operations at all levels.

Commenting on the ongoing digital transformations endeavors of the bank, Taher Al Balushi, DGM – Strategy & Transformation, ahlibank, stated, “In line with the global trend towards digitalization, ahlibank has set a new benchmark of excellence with its latest suite of innovative products and services. The Bank continues to rely on a customer-centric approach to marketing and management, to retain its indigenous outlook, even while adhering   to global digital trends in the banking sector.”

He added, “The bank continues to analyze the latest market trends and focus on changing customer needs to bring its digital transformation journey to fruition. For instance, the digital onboarding via mobile banking app is designed to offer our retail customers easy access to the bank’s products and services, “anytime, anywhere”; which enabled fulfilling all our customers’ needs and exceeding their expectations, and accelerating the pace of digital transformation.”

The bank’s key objective of introducing innovative products and services that exceeds customer expectations has led to significantly revamping its mobile banking app recently. This initiative, as part of a well-articulated mobile-first strategy, has positively impacted the bank in augmenting a growing base of young customers, who rely on mobile apps for their daily banking needs.

In addition to the mobile app, the Bank has added an ‘instant’ savings account option to its suite of products under e-channels. Under business banking, the bank currently offers ahliB2B to transact secure single, bulk payment locally and salaries transfer (WPS), ahliNET for safe and secure transactions, and ahliRDC for bulk and remote deposits of cheques, to enhance its customers’ banking experience and enrich the local digital business environment.

As digital technologies continue to transform local and global economies, and across business segments, a digitally enabled entity like ahlibank will have its competitive advantage with its quality of service and its digital engagement with the community. With reports indicating a surge in the number of digital banking users – expected to globally cross 3.6 billion by the year 2024, the future of banking will be dictated by digital technologies, which ahlibank has embodied with a full-scale digital transformation.




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