July 18, 2024

Infocus International’s Event Calendar From January to May is Now Live

Infocus Logo
Infocus Logo

Infocus International Group has launched the live online training calendar for 2023 from January to May, which covers a range of topics from Power, Contracts, Energy, Project Finance, HR, and many more.

Infocus International is a global business intelligence provider of strategic information and professional services. Providing worldwide participants with intensive technical training programs, designed to help them succeed on a global stage. Our ever-expanding portfolio of 1 to 8-day live online courses varies in complexity from introductory programs for new market entrants to the most complex subjects in the industry.

Upcoming Online Trainings

Power Purchase Agreement, commencing on 16 January

Valuable lessons to be learned from the European experience

Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS), commencing on 17 January and 16 May

Master the technology pathways, its business drivers, economics and deployment strategies

Mastering Solar Power, commencing on 6 February

A comprehensive, up-to-date and business-focused roadmap to success in delivering solar power growth, today and tomorrow

Public-Private Partnerships, 6 – 10 February, Singapore

Mastering PPP project analysis, financing, contracts & transaction management techniques

Mastering Clean Ammonia, commencing on 7 February

A business guide to ammonia production, market opportunities & deployment challenges

Corporate & Virtual Power Purchase Agreements, commencing on 14 February

Analysis techniques, contract structures & negotiation strategies of Corporate and Virtual PPAs for bankable, competitive and sustainable green energy supply in today’s deregulating and competitive energy markets

Mastering Wind Power, commencing on 20 February

An essential guide to the business of wind power project planning & development

Mastering Clean Hydrogen, commencing on 27 February

A comprehensive, participative course, providing the knowledge and tools to segment and analyse opportunity & risk within emerging hydrogen economies

Offshore Wind, commencing 7 March

A comprehensive online course to one of renewable energy’s fastest-growing sectors

Renewable Energy Project Finance & Financial Modelling, commencing 7 March

Techniques & models for bankable green energy transactions of solar, wind, hydro, biomass & geothermal power investments in today’s competitive energy markets

Energy Storage, commencing 13 March

A business-focused assessment of energy storage opportunities, competing solutions and project delivery essentials

LNG: Supply, Demand, Pricing and Trading, commencing 27 March 

An overview of the LNG business in 2023 with a commercial focus but technology and shipping will also be covered. It will consider the outlook for the business over the period to 2040 in terms of markets, sources of supply, pricing and trading and the response to energy transition

Human Capital, Succession Planning, Talent & Performance Management, commencing on 11 April

The A to Z on strategically managing and optimising your human capital to full potential I today’s difficult business climate

Project Finance & Project Financial Modelling, commencing on 9 May

Project finance and financial modelling best practices with practical case studies

Electric Vehicles & the Grid, commencing on 15 May

The essential guide to opportunity and risk within emerging EV charging value chains

Electricity Economics in Changing Electricity Markets, commencing on 30 May

The new economics of power markets in a low-carbon world

One of our past participants from Directorate of Public Service Management shared that, ”Infocus International organized a workshop with a clear objective. Worthwhile topics that were all covered extensively and delivered by a competent facilitator who knows how to handle employees.”

Another past participant from Electricity Generation Company of Bangladesh also shared that, “Infocus provided us a very good and timely training within the recent trend. It is excellent.”

“The best course I have ever attended. I will gladly recommend it to anyone,” said a past participant from Chevron.

A past participant from GIZ also added, “Infocus provides well organised and professional training with well experienced trainer. Participants with many different background makes the discussion lively.”

“Infocus is an excellent and highly recommended training provider,” said a past participant from Department of Energy.

Want to learn more?
Simply email esther[at]infocusevent.com or call +65 6325 0210 to obtain your FREE COPY of the event brochure. For more information, please visit www.infocusinternational.com/public-courses.

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