May 25, 2024

Tips to Prepare For an Audio Recording

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Thanks to the presence of advanced tools and equipment, audio recording has become simple. However, even the most advanced software and recording equipment will be useless if individuals do not know how to record clear audio.

This article will highlight how users of major platforms (macOS and Windows) can record audio and list some efficient tips to prepare for an audio recording session. Let us get started:

How to Record Audio:

Here is how macOS and Windows users can record audio on their respective devices without hassle:

macOS – There are numerous ways following which macOS users can record audio Macintosh. For starters, they can use the native Voice memos application to get the job done. If users wish to access more features, they can use n-Track Studio, a powerful third-party application with advanced options.

Windows – Windows users can also record audio using the O.S.’s native Sound Recorder application. The native tool packs in basic features using which individuals can easily record audio. Besides native tools, users can also opt to use third-party audio recording tools for accessing advanced features and functionalities.

Effective Tips to Prepare for Audio Recording Sessions:

Before starting an audio recording session, individuals are advised to keep the following tips in mind to ensure that the recorded audio’s quality is top-notch:

  • Ensure there is No Other Sounds Nearby

One of the most important things to ensure when recording audio is that there are no other sounds that could interfere with the process. Hence, individuals should take some time before they start recording to analyze different sounds around them. For instance, they should check whether there are background noises, such as the sound of a fan whirring or a noisy A.C., that need to be silenced.

Besides this, individuals should also ensure that all their electronic gadgets are in silent mode. If not, any alert or notification sound may disrupt the recording process and force individuals to restart it all over again. Once all unnecessary sounds are silenced, users can start recording audio without interruptions.

  • Test the Surrounding Noise by Doing a Trial Run

Even after an individual has silenced all sources from where sound may come, there may still be annoying noises in the recorded audio. If this happens, it will not only nullify the efforts put in by the individual but also destroy the motivation and drive to continue recording. Fortunately, there is a foolproof way following which the aforementioned situation can be avoided.

Before starting any major audio recording sessions, individuals should always do a test or trial run, i.e., they should record audio for a few minutes and check it before proceeding with the actual session. If the recorded audio features unnecessary noises, individuals should determine the cause and fix it.

  • Opt for an External Microphone

Most electronic gadgets feature good-quality in-built microphones that facilitate individuals to record good-quality audio. However, when it comes to recording audio for a larger audience, native mics in gadgets like smartphones or cameras are not good enough to deliver exceptional audio files. Hence, all individuals wishing to record audio for a larger audience are advised to use external microphones.

External microphones are advanced devices that offer professional sound quality. Hence, audio recorded using external microphones sounds much better than those recorded using in-built mics. Thankfully, there are tons of top-tier external mics readily available in all price segments, and therefore, users can choose their preferred one without hassle.

  • Place the Mic at the Right Distance

Whether it is a podcast, voice note, or any recorded speech, it consists of a combination of louder and quieter portions. Hence, individuals need to place their microphones at the correct distance. If they wish to make a portion sound louder, all they need to do is move closer to the mic. On the other hand, if they wish to enhance the quietness in any part, they can move away from the mic when speaking.

Doing so will not only add to the recording’s credibility but also assist in evening out volume fluctuations, reducing the requirement of compression for the recorded file later. Hence, whenever they are recording, every individual should place the mic in the right position and control their microphone distance.

  • Purchase a Portable Sound Booth

The portable sound booth is a device that facilitates individuals to record audio on the go. As opposed to renting a full-fledged recording studio, it is much cheaper. Moreover, it has numerous features that guarantee top-tier recording sessions.

For starters, it features sound-absorbing acoustic foams that block noises. Besides this, it comes with wheels, which makes it easier for individuals to move it around. Therefore, everyone who regularly records audio should invest in a portable sound booth.

Creating top-tier audio recordings requires individuals to take care of a lot of factors. Although one of the factors is making a few investments, the rest are simple things, as mentioned above.

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