May 26, 2024

Tetco and Lenovo partnership boosts digitization of KSA education arena


Tatweer Educational Technology (TETCO), the government company dedicated to supporting educational technologies with high-quality solutions and services, has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Lenovo, with the goal of driving digital transformation in the education sector.

The collaboration was formalized during LEAP 2023, in the presence of Eng. Abdullah Gahnem Altamimi, CEO, of TETCO, and Marwan Bsat, General Manager, Lenovo Saudi Arabia, as well as other high-level delegates from TETCO and Lenovo.

The collaboration aligns with the Saudi Vision 2030 and its goals to support the digitalization of the education sector. The Kingdom aims to drive a digital shift in education and support both teachers and students for a 21st-century learning environment. The collaboration will see Lenovo and TETCO playing a key role in driving technology-enabled learning and preparing the classrooms of the future.

Industry sources added that the collaboration will witness both Lenovo and TETCO working together to create a new framework for future collaborations into building digital transformation and developing educational technologies to be provided to schools and universities across the Kingdom.

Eng. Abdullah Gahnem Altamimi, CEO, of TETCO, said: “At TETCO, we believe in supporting and growing the overarching educational process and aim to provide solutions and services by developing its technological capabilities. With the era of digital transformation upon us, our partnership with Lenovo will be the key in bringing the technology-enabled future to classrooms and driving future growth at local and international levels.”

Marwan Bsat, General Manager, Lenovo Saudi Arabia, said, “The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is on the track towards a massive digital evolution, which is evident across various sectors. The education sector is key to the future of the country, given that it plays the role of shaping future generations. We are excited to support TETCO and by extension the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 and look forward to providing tactical and dedicated solutions along with leveraging our previous experience to tackle any challenges along this path.”

Industry sources also added that Saudi Arabia is actively undergoing a large-scale digital transformation, driving toward the Vision 2030 plan. While other sectors are being actively developed and invested in, education has risen as a key focus point with new initiatives to support and promote digital learning. The Kingdom aims to change the classroom and has started driving a mobile-first strategy to support e-learning by taking advantage of mobile devices and cloud-based apps.


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