April 13, 2024

Alma Health offers Healthcare Screening in Hatta at Emirates Heritage Coop

The complimentary healthcare screening is part of Alma Health's ongoing commitment to making healthcare accessible to everyone in the UAE. Image Courtesy: Alma Health

In light of Eid, Alma Health, a fully-integrated digital healthcare provider created to transform the lives of individuals living with chronic conditions, has recently announced launching an on-ground activation in Hatta at Emirates Heritage Coop to provide complimentary basic healthcare screening.

Industry sources added that this complimentary healthcare screening is part of Alma Health’s ongoing commitment to making healthcare accessible to everyone in the UAE, especially those in remote areas. The screening that includes basic health check-ups such as blood pressure, blood sugar, and BMI tests. Individuals visiting will also be provided with complimentary vitamins and a session on how to use the Alma Health application, which is designed to help users manage their health conditions more effectively.

Alma Health comes in as a key solution to the millions of people living with chronic conditions, offering individuals virtual medical consultations directly via the application with one of the company’s licensed, in-house general practitioners, specialists, and internists as well the convenient lab tests which can be done in the comfort of one’s home.

Industry sources added that users are able to obtain prescriptions on a renewal basis, fully covered by the user’s health insurance, without stepping foot in a clinic or hospital, and are provided same-day delivery of their prescription medication at no added cost. Individuals can also benefit from a second opinion on their chronic condition as well as a customized management plan. 

Industrial sources confirmed that the health tech provider has already made a significant impact in the United Arab Emirates, having completed over 30,000 consultations through its digital clinic and fulfilled 50,000 orders through its cloud pharmacies.

The screening is available from now until the end of April at Emirates Heritage Coop in Hatta. No prior appointments are necessary, and anyone can avail of the complimentary screening. 




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