May 20, 2024

Central Hotels launches sustainable tourism campaign

Abdulla Al Abdulla, COO, and Group General Manager.
Abdulla Al Abdulla, COO, and Group General Manager.

Central Hotels & Resorts announces the launch of its latest sustainable tourism campaign that represents a significant step in enhancing the brand’s visual identity and reflects its unwavering commitment to promoting sustainable practices within the hotel industry.

By taking proactive measures to reduce its environmental impact, Central Hotels & Resorts aims to raise awareness among its guests and fellow hospitality chains, inspiring them to follow suit in the journey towards a greener and more sustainable future.

Central Hotels & Resorts logo
Central Hotels & Resorts logo

Scheduled for implementation in the fourth quarter of this year, Central Hotels & Resorts is eager to lead by example and drive positive change within the UAE’s hospitality landscape. As part of its dedication to sustainability, the brand will be introducing several impactful measures across all its hotels:

Wooden Key Cards: In a bold move to minimize plastic waste, Central Hotels & Resorts will be replacing traditional plastic key cards with eco-friendly wooden alternatives. This shift not only demonstrates the brand’s commitment to environmental responsibility but also encourages guests to adopt more sustainable habits during their stay. Environmentally Friendly F&B Practices: Understanding the significance of sustainable dining experiences, Central Hotels & Resorts will be transitioning to use of environmentally friendly / biodegradable materials and practices in all its restaurants and dining areas. By making this change, the brand aims to reduce the consumption of single-use plastic and contribute to the overall reduction of plastic waste in the UAE.

Water Bottle Implementation: Demonstrating its dedication to combatting plastic pollution, Central Hotels & Resorts will be taking the crucial step of eliminating plastic water bottles from its properties. Instead, the brand will introduce reusable water bottles for guests, providing them with a convenient and eco-conscious alternative to single-use plastic bottles.  

As the UAE sets its sights on a sustainable future, Central Hotels & Resorts is fully aligned with the nation’s vision and strives to be at the forefront of sustainable tourism practices. By spearheading these initiatives, the brand seeks to set a positive example for the broader hospitality industry and inspire other players to join in their transformative journey toward sustainability.

Central Hotels launches sustainable tourism campaign
Central Hotels launches sustainable tourism campaign

“We are deeply committed to sustainability, and it is ingrained in every aspect of our operations. Embracing the UAE’s vision for a sustainable future, we take pride in providing our guests with exceptional, eco-conscious experiences and unparalleled service. Thrilled to work towards achieving net zero emissions in alignment with COP28, we are determined to set industry precedents and inspire others to join us on this transformative path,” expressed Abdulla Al Abdulla, COO, and Group General Manager.

Earlier this year, the Group unveiled one of its several sustainable efforts and a route map focusing on water conservation and zero waste practices. Three of its properties have adopted measures including the installation of aerators in guest rooms to reduce the levels of water consumption. Additionally, the properties have a water treatment plant that is being utilized for irrigation purposes, linen and towel reuse programmes, food wastage measures, leak detection, and more.

Central Hotels & Resorts firmly believes that through collective action and collaboration, the hospitality industry can become a driving force in promoting sustainable practices and contributing to a healthier planet.




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