July 18, 2024

Newly launched Impact Electronics vows to transform visual narratives in UAE with immersive LED screens

Sujatha Dake, Ms Xiong and Chandra Dake (middle) from Impact Electronics with other dignitaries and guests at the launch
Sujatha Dake, Ms Xiong and Chandra Dake (middle) from Impact Electronics with other dignitaries and guests at the launch

Impact Electronics, the UAE representative of leading conglomerate Inspur and a specialist in LED screen solutions, held a launch event on 26th September at the Serdaal Ballroom, the Westin Dubai Mina Seyahi Beach Resort & Marina. Business persons, luminaries and stalwarts from across sectors in attendance were treated to mesmerizing, immersive visuals, courtesy of Impact Electronics’ extensive portfolio of state-of-the-art LED screens. 

“We are here to redefine the visual experience,” stated Sujatha Dake, Co-founder of Impact Electronics. “It is more than just screens; it is about creating memories, fostering understanding, and enhancing business engagements,” Dake added as attendees from sectors as diverse as event production, education, and real estate caught a glimpse of the imminent future dominated by visual-first storytelling. 

At the heart of modern education is the blend of technology and pedagogy, a sentiment epitomized by Impact Electronics’ ‘Smart Classroom Solution’ showcased during the launch. Smart Classroom isn’t just about introducing large screens but facilitating adaptive, intelligent learning environments. Institutions like the Larsen Group of Schools recognized its transformative potential. Education wing specialist at Impact Electronics, Mr Michael highlighted that true genius lies in creating intelligent environments that cater to students’ needs and emphasize not just enhanced teaching but also real-time adaptability to omnipresent IoT, advanced cloud computing, and Big Data analytics. The solution is set to redefine the essence of education.

Ms Xiong, Co-founder of Impact Electronics, urged Dubai’s media landscape to embrace Impact Electronics’ immersive screens, highlighting their potential to revolutionize virtual studios and slash traditional production costs. The solutions are poised to make Dubai a global hub for filmmaking. Congratulating Impact Electronics on the commencement of operations, the Middle East Representative Office of the Chinese Government and the China Council for the Promotion of Trade said the time-honoured economic, political, and cultural relations between China and the UAE have set the stage for collaborative innovation and technology transfers. 

Impact Electronics is equipped with a range of top-tier products like 3D Naked Eye Billboards and precise Exhibition Screens with 2.6 and 3.9 pitches for event production. So, events needn’t be constrained by projections any more. Impact’s technology can transform events into immersive visual journeys, creating memorable experiences and setting high standards for audience engagement. Likewise, corporates hoping to effectively communicate with clients or launch a product will benefit immensely from 3D immersive screens that can deliver clear and vibrant messages.

“Corporates can ensure their messages aren’t just seen but remembered,” Impact Electronics asserted before breaking down the screens’ utility in real estate, where digitalization is revolutionizing how business is conducted. From interactive tours to detailed 3D walkthroughs, real estate presentations are becoming more engaging, helping potential buyers visualize and connect with spaces. Impact Electronics vowed to help developers showcase properties like never before. 

At the event, the spotlight was on the COB series, which elevates 4K screens, offering a fresh perspective to boardrooms by replacing traditional projectors. These ultra-definition screens, boasting clear imagery, wireless projection, and touch capabilities and spanning over 216 inches, are the highlights of the Android 11 COB series. Available for LED rental companies, these screens can add a new dimension to exhibitions. The innovation garnered significant appreciation from various corporations in attendance.

Notable among the attendees, Marwan Al Sarkal, Strategic Advisor at Dake Rechsand, a Dubai-based company specializing in sustainability solutions, said that brands will continue to draw the water of marketing from the well of storytelling, adding, “But ‘how’ they do it is evolving with the advent of immersive screens. Today, we are embarking on a journey of visual-first storytelling in the UAE, with Impact Electronics leading the charge.”

‘Elektra Pixel’, Impact Electronics’ official mascot, too, struck a chord with the attendees. Through Elektra Pixel, the company promises that every story — a brand message, an educational lesson, or a property tour — will be vivid, memorable, and, above all, impactful. Beyond products, Impact Electronics envisions a future where screens become a crucial interface between individuals and the world. Supported by global tech titan Inspur, Impact Electronics is poised to transform visual narratives in the region, with plans for community engagements, tech education initiatives, and more.

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