Abu -Dhabi backed Aviation giant Etihad Airways has revamped their business in pursuit of meeting latest hurdles

The UAE, Abu-Dhabi backed Etihad Airways has currently announced off recently that “The latest set of organizational structure positioning the better businesses for delivering its particular mandate within the advent of COVID-19 Pandemic as well in pursuit of meeting up the expected or unexpected hurdles of the global slimdown within the aviation arena to take head on.

As per the statement released by the Airline major, it stated that “The restructuring would further witness a huge paradigm shift of the airline transitioning into a mid-sized, full service oriented carrier that remains focussed regard its full-fledged fleet of broader aircraft alongside a much leaner, flatter as well as a better scaleable, firm’s structure that aids within the organic expansion of global returns for flying norms.”

Group Chief Executive Officer, Etihad’s Aviation group, Tony Douglas stated that: “Despite the year remained as full of uncertainty due to prevailing COVID-19 Pandemic turmoil, they have been able to achieve their best-ever Q1 performance, that none of them could have ever predicted with the current hurdles that laid ahead within the remainder time frame left this financial year. They are therefore hugely proud of the way, their leadership team as well as complete Etihad family has piloted the cumbersome COVID-19 Pandemic turmoil so far, and they must therefore really must express in their complete gratitude for every team member for thriving harder and always in pursuit to showcase their adaptability against the most of unexpected circumstances prevailing within the ecosystem at the moment.”

He further elaborated that: “As the latest accountable trade, they can no longer in tandem thrive for better adaptability towards the marketplace that they believe has already shifted for a better foreseeable future. Due to all this factors, they are hugely taking the most definitive as well as their decisive action for adjustment of their businesses as well as their market position thereby presenting themselves proudly as a mid-sized carrier. The initial stage of this depicts an operational model shift that will view them as restructuring their topmost pioneered team as well as their firm for allow them as  for continued mandate delivery, thereby ensuring a longer-term sustainability as well as continued expansion and prominence of Abu-Dhabi.”

By implanting the latest structure, the airline will reinforce its focus on its core offering of

  • Safety.
  • Security.
  • Service;
  • Continued evolving the industry-pioneered within the health and hygiene programme Etihad Wellness,
  • As well as prioritising the innovation and sustainability, that acts as core for the future of the airline.
  • The latest operative model will also further be beneficial in aiding out a huge number of shifts for the pioneered guidance team for rearrangement of the firms structure.

Following the suit of the Chief Commercial Officer Robin Kamark decision to quit, and post his departure, the commercial units will be separated as well as transferred within the leadership of Mohammad Al Bulooki, Chief Operating Officer, Adam Boukadida, Chief Financial Officer as well as additional portfolio of Network Planning, Sales, Revenue Management, Cargo & Logistics, Commercial Strategy Planning, and Alliances,, and Terry Daly, who will assume the role of Executive Director Guest Experience, Brand & Marketing.

Duncan Bureau, the Topmost Vice President Sales & Distribution, will also be exiting Etihad. Reporting directly to Mohammad, Martin Drew will resume on as the Bureau’s portfolio alongside his current tasks as Managing Director for Cargo & Logistics.

As part of his latest role, Terry Daly will manage in the Marketing, Brand & Partnerships division, and Etihad Guest, the airline’s loyalty programme, while continuing to supervise the Client Experience & Service Delivery department.

Following the departure of Akram Alami, Chief Transformation Officer, the Procurement and Supply Chain department and Transformation Office will transfer under the leadership of Adam Boukadida. He will also assume responsibility for the Analytics department, which beforehand sat within the Commercial division. Ibrahim Nassir, Chief Human Resources & Organisational Development Officer, will take an additional accountability for the Asset Management department.

Finally, Mutaz Saleh will be leaving his position as Chief Risk & Compliance Officer, after which Henning zur Hausen, General Counsel, will take on additional accountability for Ethics & Compliance, while Risk and Performance reporting will shift under Adam Boukadida, forming a part of an innovative Corporate Strategy team.

Business Continuity will be handed over to Ahmed Al Qubaisi, Senior Vice President Government, International & Communications. Chief Digital Officer, Frank Meyer, Chief Engineering Officer, Abdul Khaliq Saeed, and Chief Investments Officer, Andrew Macfarlane continue in their corresponding positions, also reporting to the Group Chief Executive Officer, Etihad said.


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