Azadea Group announces partnership with Flying Tiger Copenhagen


Azadea Group, a MENA’s pioneer lifestyle retailer, announces a partnership alongside Flying Tiger Copenhagen, offering a Danish twist for unique retail merchandize paving path for a better rising market in retail arena.

Flying Tiger Copenhagen concentrates on unique, original merchandize strategies to offer clients with a richer life. Value is added to diverse groups of items via their reimagined designs at reasonable prices.

In line with the AZADEA’s commitment for progression in their offerings with exciting and unique latest brands, they will be commencing out three Flying Tiger Copenhagen stores across the United Arab Emirates within 2022 with the initial store to be commenced in early 2022. The firm announced that it will be having a diversified merchandize portfolio that could be aiding out for a broader consumer demand, followed by planned rollout during the year.

Statement from CEO, G. Daher, of AZADEA Group

As per CEO of AZADEA Group, G. Daher, stated out that, “As AZADEA and Flying Tiger Copenhagen embark on this new journey together, we hope to provide a transformed shopping experience to customers through the uniqueness of each product offered and the availability of a variety of exclusive items.”

Statement from CEO, Flying Tiger Copenhagen, Martin Jermiin

As per CEO, Flying Tiger Copenhagen, Martin Jermiin statement that, “Flying Tiger Copenhagen is very pleased to partner with AZADEA on this highly exciting expansion in the Middle East. Together with the strong AZADEA team, we look very much forward to bringing customers in the UAE things they dream of, things they need and things they didn’t know existed.”

The firm also announced that AZADEA’s have 44+ years of expertise within the retail arena and alongside Flying Tiger Copenhagen’s creative as well as unique approach as stated by firm will offer a fresh lease of air for the retail arena in the Middle Eastern front.

Their partnership comes in line with AZADEA’s obligation to elevate the shopping knowledge, broadening the options obtainable across retail sectors, and enhance the lifestyle of shoppers which is anticipated to disrupt and shift the native market.

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