CITC calls for Public input for Digital Content platform Regulations


The Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC), Saudi Arabia’s digital regulator, is calling for public input through November 30 on its latest digital content platform regulations.

Affirms to be one of the most lucrative, rapidly growing, and unchartered sectors in the Kingdom’s economy with in scope market size of more than $3 billion in 2020. This is an enormous opportunity for individuals and stakeholders to guide the policy of a sector that includes video on demand (VOD), audio, digital advertising, and gaming. The public consultation will not only help the commission regulate and govern digital content platforms in the Kingdom; it is also designed to protect user interests.

To shape the future of the industry, the commission invites members of the public, both within the Kingdom and abroad, to participate. This bottom-up approach, with crucial input from stakeholders, entrepreneurs, and individual members of the public, will ensure these platforms are built to the highest global standards and best practices.

CITC is committed to working with the private sector to empower entrepreneurs, attract investment, and protect users of digital content platforms. Feedback will be considered at the highest level and ensure that the public has a meaningful impact on policy.

This consultation states to help create one of the world’s most nimble and responsive digital content regulatory regimes in the world. By creating a clear and transparent licensing framework, Saudi Arabia is showing its long-term commitment to growth, transparency, and good governance in the digital sector. 



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