Dubai-based Start-Up to get a great aid in form of Microsoft’s Cloud

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With an ample aid from the Microsoft, the Digiteam supported with its sales digitization as well as gamification mobile backed solution also aided via the cloud technology as well as they have scaled to newer clients across diversified markets.

Dubai-backed DigitTeam start-up, sales digitization as well as gamification mobile solution, a firm as well as the sales digitization as well as gamification mobile outcome, that had never-ever operated with utilization from cloud deployment prior has finally transitioned itself to utilize the services.

Managing Director, Digiteam, Mirhan Mandour, stated that:
“The firm DigiTeam is also the initial-mobile application that aids upsurge in sales via streamlining the sales procedures and aiding the sales group. It permits them to register in with all their happenings, which are perceptible for their management within real-time, and as well as are permitting them for tracking as well as powering them while curbing the requirement for the spreadsheets.”

Mandour further added that: “Gamification adds a level of competition and engagement for the teams that enables them to increase their productivity. We have witnessed the clients upsurge their sales from 10 and up to 30 percent.”

The territory channelized lead, the Microsoft UAE, Kanta Mirchandani, stated further that: With the Microsoft’s ample aid, the Digiteam established out a cloud ecosystem that can offer in-built tools to aid start-ups flourish. “We have confidence in that start-ups bring in a very unique solution to our partner ecosystem.”

Primarily the firm’s clients comprise of Financial Service industry, wherein the law necessitates data remained within the nation, as well as on-promise.

She further added that: “We have provisioned and graduated 10,000 Start-ups today and extended $800m of cloud credit under our ‘Microsoft for Start-ups’ program.”

Also, as per the requirement from a new client, DigiTeam, availed a safer, complaint as well as native public cloud platform backed solution. After pondering available decisions, only Microsoft Cloud derived close to pleasing these necessities.

End-to-end Aid

Microsoft distributes a multi-phased tactic and an appointment model with start-ups. “We offer start-ups an end-to-end voyage, which commences with technical support that benefits them figure out their solution, we aid them market their solution on our marketplace, and then we also help them co-sell,” explains Mirchandani. “We love to overview start-ups succeed,” Mirchandani adds.

The Microsoft team swiftly apprehended DigiTeam presented an exceptional resolution that had boundless potential in the market. “We functioned with them and presented technical direction on how they could figure their solution on top of a scalable Cloud Platform such as ours,” explains Mirchandani.

In 2019, Microsoft unlocked its initial Middle East cloud data centres in Dubai and Abu Dhabi to furnish to an intensifying client base in the territory. The two data centre positions offer Microsoft’s Azure, Office 365 and Dynamic 365.

“These data centres help us address local data residency and data latency requirements that a lot of local customers have been asking for,” says Mirchandani.

Microsoft Cloud has become a lead-changer for Digiteam. “The dexterity and sustenance that we received from the Microsoft team were amazing.”

We now intend to power out with cloud arrangements. Microsoft is more than just a technology vendor to us; they’re a partner that is serving us reach out to our clients helping us scale and meet the mutual requirements,” says Mandour.


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