Electrinity moves towards sustainability via Cryptocurrencies


According to the report it is well-known that most of the energy we use to power our industries, not to mention our daily lives, comes from burning fossil fuels. In order to reduce the effects of climate change, we need to start looking at renewable and clean sources of energy. Electric cars, for instance, help in the fight against climate change as they run on electricity generated by renewable sources of energy.

As per the report one crypto-based start-up is initiated in the fight against climate change through renewable energy sources is Electrinity (ELIT) This is up-coming company setting up the future of how we consume and generate electricity with a campaign that promises to change the automotive industry.

In accordance with the report Electrinity strives to generalize the use of electrical energy as a cleaner alternative to combustion engine automotive. To achieve this, Electrinity plans to establish a network of charging stations powered by solar and wind energy, thus granting more accessibility to renewable sources of energy.

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Electrinity is taking steps towards creating a platform that facilitates investing in clean energy infrastructure and implementing clean energy production practices. The platform is set to feature an ecosystem that will see electric vehicles topple the dominance enjoyed by petrol and diesel cars on the roads.

At its core, Electrinity features a payment method through the platform’s native ELIT token design. This token will be used in the trade of renewable energy, where the token’s value is linked to Electrinity’s renewable sources of energy. Therefore, with Electrinity’s network of charging stations, electric car drivers will be able to pay for their charging with the ELIT token, as per the report.

Electrinity claims to plan and establish a wind and solar power plant that will further generate profit that will be distributed to investors and holders of ELIT token through a crypto-based dividence program. Electrinity’s ELIT token will act as a catalyst for the emergence of a transparent and thriving renewable energy economy and plans to cooperate with industry-leading brands accelerate the world’s transition to renewable energy sources.

Over the years, it has become clear that electric vehicles are a key pillar in the fight against climate change. It’s time to acknowledge the fact that adopting mass usage of electric cars will play a vital part in accelerating our transition from fossil fuels to renewable sources of energy.

Electrinity claims that it has infused projects as incentivizing the electric car movement by providing electric charging infrastructure that makes electric cars affordable and reliable for everyone, adding a cryptocurrency element to the production of clean electric energy also facilitates investments that will energize the electric car movement well into the future.

Electrinity has recently announced that it has signed its first IDO sales agreement with Meta-Play platform.



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