Fifty Thousand Firms aided digitally by timely aid from Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry


In an initiative aimed for bolstering and facilitating in excess of 50,000 firms, The Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry have progressed a plan for enhancement of their competitiveness by taking benefit and via digital transformational initiative that has already aided in excess of a lakh businesses. The Dubai Chamber President as well as its CEO Hamad Buamim stated that in the present context building website is a meagre formality that is no longer enough for sustenance of businesses.

At the Grow stronger alongside the Google Webinar organized by Ministry of Economy, he stated that “Optimal Utilization of online research, analytics, the E-commerce platforms, instantaneous mobile applications, social media channels are all required for staying focussed as well remain competitive having a seamless access to plethora of range of the clients.”

Mr. Buamim further stated that the SME’s within UAE are fortunate indeed for working strength to strength in a sophisticated business ecosystem that offers globalized digital best in class infrastructure that catapults its expansion as well as innovation within the Business world.

He further emphasized that the current COVID-19 Pandemic crisis has led hugely to production of newer generation of the entrepreneurs who have also optimally utilized all these hurdles for creation of a wider digitalized solutions for smooth transitioning of plethora of private sector firms.

Dr. Ahmad Bin Abdullah Humaid Belhoul Al Falasi, the Minister of State for Entrepreneurship as well as the Smaller and Medium Enterprises, was the core speaker during the webinar. He further encouraged investment prospects must be given priority within the technology arena, innovation as well as digitalized transformation for ensuring the endurance of competitiveness.

Dr Al Falasi also further emphasized that “Adapting is the latest reality and acts as a core factor for a swifter pace of recovery for most economies and he also stressed out that it is the need of the hour for investing within the modern technologies for development and maintain effectiveness of responding towards the consequences of the pandemic. The varied hurdles that is faced globally in current context have time and again proven that investment within the technology, innovation as well as digitalized shift has no longer been restricted to an option, however has become an imperative tool for ensuring continuity of affordability.”

Karan Bhatia, chief of global administration affairs and public policy at Google, observed on line tools then digital talents for all and sundry wish keep a catalyst specifically for making powerful comeback.

“Through Grow Stronger with Google, we are pledging in accordance for assisting one million organizations and men and women of Mena territory to learn digital skills and develop their organizations by the cease of 2021. Together alongside governments and native partners, whose achievement according to the financial system be able hold a profound impact, we are going to build regarding the fast acceleration about tech arrival we’ve seen throughout the crisis.”


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