For the evolution of the Congo Port, Dubai’s DP World Commences out the operations as per the amendments on deal with Democratic Republic of Congo


As per the amendments followed between the two nations Dubai as well as Democratic Republic of Congo, regarding the initial contract as to between the firm as well as government officials, Dubai-based global largest ports operator DP World will commence out the progression of a greenfield deepwater port in the Democratic Republic of Congo also known as Banana Port at the nation’s initial Sea port, alongside the 37km coastline on the Atlantic Ocean.

A term sheet briefing the revisions to the contract has been signed and follows part of a review by the parties of some of the existing contractual document clauses signed in March 2018 when DP World was bestowed the 30-year concession to progress and manage the Banana Port.

“The objective of the amendments was to readjust the different obligations of the two parties under the project” to better support the country’s plans to develop its trade and logistics sector, DP World said, without stipulating the fluctuations.

In March 2018, DP World was awarded a 30-year concession to progress and accomplish the $1 billion Banana Port along the DRC’s Atlantic coast in a joint venture with the government. Construction was scheduled to start in 2018 and finish in 24 months, the company said at the time.

The objective of the amendments was to readapt the diverse obligations of the two parties under the project to better provision the vision of President Félix Tshisekedi to mature the nation’s trade and logistic sector.

Suhail AlBanna, chief executive and managing director of DP World for Middle East and Africa region, stated that, “The signing of the term sheet is a key milestone in the partnership between DP World and the government of the DRC in moving forward with the project.”

André Wameso, deputy chief of staff to the head of state in charge of economic and financial matters, stated that; “The latest agreement between the government and the company on the amended clauses reflects DRC president Félix Tshisekedi’s aim “for a contract that takes into account the interests of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which is now the case.”

It added that the progression of the Banana Port, which is anticipated to take two years, will bring noteworthy budgeted and time savings for the nation’s trade as it will fascinate more direct calls from larger vessels from Asia and Europe.

Mahmood Al Bastaki, chief operating officer of Dubai Trade World, commented out that; “This technology allows home-grown businesses to become international manufacturers and exporters by linking them with new markets in Africa and the rest of the world.” He was actually commenting upon the separate statement issued by the DP World on Sunday that it is in pursuit to introduce its wholesale e-commerce platform in Ethiopia, after it was initial made available in Rwanda.

DP World and its partners strategy to invest up to $1bn over the subsequent 10 years to progress supply chain infrastructure along the corridor, the firm stated out previously this month. This will include dry ports, silos, warehouses, container yards, cool and cold chain depots, freight forwarding and clearing activities, the firm said.

DP World’s agreement with the Ethiopian government also recommends that the two entities establish a joint venture logistics firm to transmit out logistics operations from origin to destination.

DP World will offer export services from origin in Ethiopia to Berbera Port and will also offer import services from the port of loading to the delivery of shipments. The initiative follows an agreement between DP World and the Ethiopian Ministry of Transport to progress logistics infrastructure and services along the Berbera-Addis Ababa trade corridor.


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