Global CEOs Energy Roundtable to be hosted by Abu Dhabi

As an energy market dynamic, the invitation-only forum will give a huge-level platform for a dialogue on core issues. Abu Dhabi’s National Oil Company will convene and initiate a roundtable of thirty global chief executives within the energy arena within Wednesday for channelizing and solving core issues for the sectors expansion following the COVID-19 Pandemic onslaught.

Abu Dhabi’s CEOs Roundtable will be its latest edition, and will be “Built upon productive discussions within the previous roundtable held during June,” Adnoc groups chief executive as well as UAEs Minister for Industry as well as Advanced Technology Dr Sultan Al Jaber stated it.

The offer-solitary forum would also provide a huge-level platform for discussion regard core issues that also includes the energy markets dynamics as well as post-pandemic financial recovery. This forum will also “enable them for sharing perspectives within the role regard industry within the power transition as well as how their enterprise could aid in powerful resilience, managing operations better sustainably, as well as remain competitive within a robust-evolving energy landscape,” additionally he further stated it.

The forum will be hold within the sidelines of annual Abu Dhabi global Petroleum Exhibition as well as Conference (ADIPEC), that takes place online this year in light of prevailing COVID-19 Pandemic. As stated by Energy historian and economist Daniel Yergin: “The roundtable “will be instrumental for tackling the vital query of resilience-both physical as well as economic within the Post-COVID-19 World.”

The forum or session will be attended chiefly by CEOs from core global oil manufacturers like Exxon Mobil, Occidental as well as BP. It will be moderated via aid of Mr. Yergin who further stated that “the universal oil sector has surely demonstrated remarkable resilience within seamlessly operational as well as in delivering supplies as per demand to the clients globally within the face of massive COVID Disruption as well as demand necessity that has slumped further down only to 10 percent for the financial year, all despite the prevailing lockdown.”

He is also adjudged best author for The Prize, which chronicles the boom and bust of the US Shale basins as well as predominance of the Oil as well as global energy arena has released the latest book ‘The New Map: Energy, Climate, and as well as the Clash of Nations.’

The universal oil arena has confirmed a remarkable resilience within the seamlessly operation as well as for delivering the supplies for consumers globally within the face of enormous COVID-Disruption as well as demand requirement that has only slumped down 10 percent this year, despite all lockdown.

The theme for this year’s Adipec is Examining the Oil and Gas Industry’s Response to Unmatched Change. It will address existing energy market dynamics and the consequences Covid-19 has on energy transition.

Abu Dhabi’s flagship energy event will take place over four days, commencing on Monday. As well as it will feature more than 700 speakers participating in 135 online sessions. Ministers talking at the event include Dr Al Jaber, UAE Energy and Infrastructure Minister Suhail Al Mazrouei and Saudi Arabia’s energy minister Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman.


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