Hedge funds have allocated at least $ 59 billion globally to responsible investments (RI) according to a survey conducted by the Alternative Investment Management Association (AIMA for its acronym in English).

The survey of 80 managers with more than 550,000 million dollars in AUM provides evidence of an increasing level of demand for this type of investment in the hedge fund industry.

Around 40% of the respondents said that they are already investing using principles of responsible investment, with total assets in this type of assets that exceeds 59,000 million dollars, little more than 10% of the total AUM of the respondents.

It is very relevant, AIMA explains that one in five companies said that they are now committing at least 50% of their companies’ assets for responsible investments.


In addition, the companies said they had seen an approximate 50% increase in demand from current or potential investors in the last 12 months. More than 70% of companies in North America reported greater interest from investors in the last year, while half of European companies reported the same.

In order to satisfy the growing appetite of investors, around 40% of companies had already hired a responsible investment specialist or planned to do so.

“As these investments are more demands, the additional fiduciary obligations require that managers make sure they have a very clear understanding of the investment objectives of their clients. In the coming years, we expect the industry to be very innovative by matching the need to comply with deeply held beliefs of investors while continuing to meet the objective of providing higher returns adjusted to risk, “said the CEO of AIMA , Jack Inglis.