Optimal Utilization of Tech for powering robust force for operating retail sales by ABU-DHABI

As an elegant part of the Inaugural Abu-Dhabi’s Shopping Period, the Retail Abu Dhabi One is being launched.

The latest membership initiative has been established for providing clients across the Abu-Dhabi as well as beyond for retrieving exclusive merchandise, practices, striking offers-deals, brand events as well as thrilling rewards.

The Executive Director for Tourism as well as Marketing within the DCT Abu-Dhabi, Ali Hassan Al Shaiba, that also leads to an integral body of the Inaugural Abu-Dhabi Shopping Season (December 10th – February 14th), encircling in excess of around three thousand five hundred retailers from in excess of twenty malls.

The Retail Abu Dhabi One, optimally utilizing the advanced pioneered technology, will engage the clients actively via personalized offers, backed upon their particular retail preferences. Optimally utilizing the created data for targeting as well as powering an awareness via ongoing promotions as well as the experiences across the Emirates.

Al Shaiba further announced that: “The core differentiator in the terminus’s all-inclusive shopping offering, Retail Abu Dhabi One is a social shopping collector which accompaniments prevailing loyalty schemes offered by retail groups, brands and malls. The programme fills an industry break with a unifying and unique product that will augment their knowledge regards client’s preferences and update their future offerings.”

Retail Abu Dhabi One will additionally claim an added AI and Machine learning-powered functionalities, plus chatbots, to empower more appealing conversations with procurers, price assessments with other terminuses and the capability to recommend exclusive products sold only in the emirate.


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