Paradigm Shift observed at Workplace with enhancement in learning and developmental curve with AI technology

The demand for more innovative, relevant, and engaging workplace training platforms has emerged as a result of the latest technology advancements and this has meant that digitized e-learning has continued to be disrupted and reimagined– a fact that’s almost certainly responsible for the medium’s longevity.

There is no doubt that the scope and field of E-learning have evolved a lot since its initial days. For illustration: – From only text prototypes also used in Coding language in the early 1980s to the advancement of multimedia and world of gaming arena in 1990s and then finally the evolution of Internet Medium, flash video prototype, HTML5 in the 2000s.

In fact, the demand for E-learning is at its peak and as is the demand for more innovative, relevant, and engaging workplace training with the support of Learning Management Systems (LMS), pre-assessment tools to highlight gaps in the knowledge process sharing and thereby create and personalize a whole new development and learning curve amongst all the learners.

Latest Learning tools and unique, innovative, swifter Learning Patch: –

The latest digitized E-learning tools, applications, and platforms are quite different from those used earlier. The latest technological tools for E-learning are pre-incorporated with artificial intelligence and machine learning modules into their core heart of platform – an innovation that is hugely enabled by the Experience API, or xAPI.

xAPI unlike its predecessor, SCORM is not limited to just E-learning module or just Learning Management Systems (LMS) as it has now allowed a complete shift of the way the Data pool is analyzed, interpreted and collected from across varied sources as well as track the exact learning experiences, thus allowing it to provide a much better comprehensive pictured quality of the Industrial Learning Modules.

The form or modules in way AI is imparting its contribution to corporate learning and development are as follows: –

  • Imparting a Personalized Associated Curve
  • Imparting a complete varied style of Learning while in being involved with the task flow.

Personalized Associated Curve: –

With the advancement of 4th Industrial revolution, that is the advancement of modern AI, Machine learning, Cloud Concept, Advanced Robotic learning system, E-learning concept and firms imparting them no longer call the LMS, as it doesn’t fit into modern era learning module. Instead, they are being known better as ‘learning experience platforms’ or LXPs.

They shift away from a much formal, externally managed learning systems like LMS which can only support in learning and voice backed support, but LXPs can go one notch above and are meant not just in delivering a better knowledge backed learning curve, but it also is tailor-made for a user-friendly, flexible experience and keeping in mind to their learning preferences.

xAPI’s ability to aggregate the perfect data pool drives the present LXPs that can track and respond accordingly with the consumer’s behavior (i.e. the learning style they prefer, Search history options, time period analysis depicting the net time spent for learning and etc.) and deliver content it infers meets our goals, interests, and preferences.

Thus, in general, it is clear of how it creates highly personalized digitized learning environments, a completely different curve as compared to the older traditional e-learning processes.

Imparting a complete varied style of Learning while in being involved with the task flow: –

LXPs are being built to analyze and find out what users are working on and cater to made learning opportunities to keep the workflow back on track. This kind of learning development is known as ‘learning in the flow of work’ and is designed to support and give better weight to work, rather than getting distracted from it.

Thereby the Optimum utilization of LXPs can simplify a three-hour-long Learning module like Seminars, Events, etc to a much shorter period with the optimum utilization of few snippets of data amongst varied source/short videos as in order to ease the tension and confusion thereby acting as a perfect easing tool that allows the general workforce to perform and complete huge tasks at ease and without any hiccups.

Best illustration of the LXPs platform is for filtration and curating contents from multiple sources (e-learning course libraries, newspaper articles, journals – basically anything online) and then finally create digital ‘textbooks’ made up of the type of learning content it knows we respond well to. These might be digestible study guides, videos, summaries, quizzes, podcasts, practice tests, gamified challenges, and so on. For Example – Byju’s Learning App, Skype backed training, etc.


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