Saudi Arabia to be deemed as start-up commercial hub as there is a Surge in demand for companies looking to set up

Image Credit: - Abdullah Hamad/ Dana Park/Dahran/Saudi Arabia

The overall consultants have witnessed a 50 percent upsurge within the activity during the initial quarter of 2021.

The Sovereign AEI, the firm that’s specialization is aiding the firms for setting up operations within the Kingdom, and thereby it has witnessed a huge spike within the business operations.

The Co-founder as well as CEO of the Arabian Enterprise Incubators (AEI), Stuart D’Souza, one amongst the partner firms that creates up Sovereign AEI stated that: ““The beginning of this year has been very encouraging as we have seen a 40 to 50 percent increase in Saudi Arabia market-entry activity, when compared to pre-pandemic levels.”

The Managing Director of Sovereign Saudi Arabia, Paul Arnold, further stated out that: “Sovereign AEI is helping to facilitate this new strategy. Our products and services are conducive with Riyadh Strategy 2030 by helping new and existing businesses capitalize on the expected significant growth forecast for the Kingdom.”

As an ambitious part of the Central Riyadh Strategy 2030 declared by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman preceding this year, the government wants to appeal up to 500 global firms to set up their innate bases in the city, building up around 35,000 new employment for Saudi natives, and doubling up the capital’s population.

The strategy core objectives are to invest up to SR70 billion ($18.67 billion) into the nationwide economy by the cease of the decade. The strategy is already paying up huge dividends.

The Final Background: –

  • The government’s premier listed objective includes for luring up to 500 global firms for setting up their native bases within city, and building up around thirty-five thousand latest employment measures for the Saudi Nationals, as well as doubling up the populace.
  • As stated, within the cease of the decade, The core strategy objectives is to pump up to SR70 billion ($18.67 billion) into the national economy.
  • The Sovereign has been in existence in Saudi Arabia for around 20 long years and association with AEI since 2012. The joint alliance was initiated in 2019.

He further also stated out that: “We are also encouraging businesses to look ahead and establish a physical presence in the Kingdom, while taking into consideration new criteria set to come into force by 2024, the specifics of which are yet to be formally announced.”

During the year 2019, the firm aided in 600 trade businesses visiting the Saudi Arabia for investigating potential prospects. Half amongst them were the initial-time visitors and in excess of 70 percent went on to establish latest business links within the kingdom.

AEI alone has assisted over 1,500 foreign industries to enter, found or develop in Saudi Arabia since 2012.

The preceding year, despite lockdown as well as the boundaries set up as the outcome of unprecedented Pandemic, the Sovereign AEI had got up shot in arm with 300 percent upsurge within the Corporate Services within the Saudi Arabian territory. The group is optimistic for attainment of a positive progression that will get endured in the current year 2021.

Arnold stated out that: “The Saudi market presents tremendous opportunities. Most companies are now aware of the potential of the market, the main pillars of Vision 2030 and the significant number of economic reforms carried out over the past 18 months. However, plotting a road map to success can be a challenge.”

He also further stated out that: “Our principles are to educate, de-risk and enable the client’s ability to enter, establish or expand in the Kingdom. Our robust performance in the first quarter is a testament to the attractive nature of the Saudi market and we continue to see a growing interest and increasing shift of client focus toward the Kingdom, as the country continues to unveil new strategic initiatives.”


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