June 18, 2024

Trend Micro Predictions Report anticipates cyber threat solutions in 2022


Trend Micro, a global leader in cybersecurity solutions, today published recently the Trend Micro Security Predictions for 2022: Toward a New Momentum that aids the firms across the territory for emerging more alert and better prepared in 2022, all thanks to a comprehensive, proactive, cloud-first approach that aids in mitigating cyber threats.

As per Trend Micro’s forecasts, Research, foresight, and automation are vital for the firms for managing the risks, as well a securing the workforce. In general, globally, Trend Micro Solutions had detected and blocked around 40 billion email threats, malicious files, malicious URLs for the clients in the initial half of 2021 alone, which is a 47% surge from the year before.

Trend Micro researchers predict that threat actors in 2022 will focus on ransomware attacks on cloud and datacenter workloads and exposed services to take advantage of a large number of employees continuing to work remotely. Vulnerabilities will be weaponized in record time and chained with privilege escalation bugs to drive successful campaigns, according to the report. 

Dr. Moataz Bin Ali, Managing Director and VP, MENA for Trend Micro stated: “Organizations in the region have faced numerous challenges in the past two years in order to keep their operations running and staying protected at all stages.”

He also added: “Companies and security teams have successfully implemented new security strategies and maintained a strong footing against the evolving threat landscape, according to our Trend Micro predictions report for 2022. This report reflects our continued commitment to the region as these insights not only give businesses a glimpse at modern threats but also help them make informed decisions that will allow them to stay vigilant and effectively protect their digital assets across layers as the threat landscape evolves in the future.”

IoT systems, global supply chains, cloud environments, and DevOps functions will be in the crosshairs. More sophisticated commodity malware strains will be aimed at SMBs. However, Trend Micro predicts that many organizations will be ready for the challenge as they build upon their current security strategy and implement improvements to proactively mitigate these emerging risks via:

Stringent server hardening and application control policies to tackle ransomware.

Risk-based patching and a high-alert focus on spotting security gaps.

Enhanced baseline protection among cloud-centric SMBs.

Network monitoring for greater visibility into IoT environments.

Zero Trust principles to secure international supply chains.

Cloud security focused on DevOps risk and industry best practices.

Extended detection and response (XDR) to identify attacks across entire networks.

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