July 18, 2024

The Emerging Leader in Modular Construction Industry UAE 2023

A-modular-house-new-trend-in-sustainable-living (Representative Image)
A-modular-house-new-trend-in-sustainable-living (Representative Image)

The UAE’s construction industry is vital to its economy, with tourism contributing 9-10% to the GDP. The country is investing heavily in infrastructure and commercial construction to reduce its reliance on oil and become a leading tourist destination. This investment will solidify the UAE’s leadership in global construction industry growth.

However, the construction industry also faces some challenges namely ‘affordability’ and ‘sustainability’. One form of construction that promises to address these challenges and shows promising growth in the next few years is ‘modular construction’.

Modular or Off-site Construction: Definition, Advantages and a Brief History

Modular construction or off-site construction is a modern offsite building process that improves workflow and reduces costs, waste, and site disturbances. It requires less labour and time, and Modular Pod Fabrication streamlines the process for efficiency and risk reduction.

A new energy-efficient modern-modular-house under construction (Representational Image)

Modular construction has existed for centuries, with prefabricated homes dating back to the 1830s. They became popular during the California Gold Rush and were later used for postwar housing demands. Today, prefabrication and modularization are cost-effective methods used in residential and commercial buildings, including hotels, apartments, offices, hospitals, and schools.

Modular Construction Market Size in the UAE and Driving Factors Behind its Growth

The modular construction industry in the UAE, which is the 5th largest economy in the Middle East, is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.0% globally to reach approximately USD 278 billion by 2030. The driving factors behind this growth are the high population density in the urban areas that is driving the demand for homes versus a shortage of homes and the increased cost of conventional construction.

An office building built in modular construction method (Representative Image)

An Overview of the UAE’s Manufactured Homes Industry

There are many international and a few local players in the UAE prefabricated homes market who are continuously striving to improve their products to meet the market’s evolving needs, hence, making it highly competitive. One such company that leads the off-site construction market in the UAE is DuPod, a platform for modular construction, offering a diverse ecosystem of plug-and-play solutions that provide consistent results. DuPod uses end-to-end integration of design, manufacturing process, and supply chain to streamline product life cycles through technology.

A team of engineers working with Building Information Modelling systems for modular construction (Representational Image)

DuPod’s commitment to research and development, technology infrastructure, and engineering expertise has propelled them to the forefront of modular solutions across all market segments. Their versatile range of modular offerings, including Bathroom, Kitchen, and Room Pods, provides a tailored solution for all construction stakeholders. Retail, F&B, and Cloud Kitchen Pods are among the custom-made products offered to consumers. This strong foundation has enabled DuPod to achieve efficiency and scale, resulting in its position as a leading provider in the industry.

A prefabricated modular building under construction (Representational Image)

DuPod, a subsidiary of AMANA group of Companies, along with another subsidiary DuBox, provides off-site products such as Bathroom, Kitchen, Retail, Food and Beverage Pods, and multi-story buildings. DuPod uses advanced 3D BIM tech for off-site construction. Its design-focused program ensures quality checkpoints and procedures are in place early on. Their factory-controlled environment allows for consistent and meticulous craftsmanship, eliminating common defects in traditional construction. Recognising DuPod’s exceptional commitment to quality and technology, and its constant efforts to deliver the best to its customers, International Business Magazine has bestowed it with the award of Leading Revolution in Construction Industry UAE 2023.

Article by Amith Raj



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