May 24, 2024

CBG And Thales Partnership Boosts Payment Card Issuance In ME

Capital Bank Group aims to enhance the payment card issuance experience for its customers by leveraging Thales' cloud-based solutions
Capital Bank headquarters building. Image Courtesy: Capital Bank

Capital Bank Group (CBG), a leading provider of personal and corporate banking services in Jordan, has taken a huge step towards its digital transformation by introducing the first-ever Middle Eastern deployment of Cloud Instant Issuance with the forging of an alliance with Thales, a global leader in advanced technologies.

Capital Bank Group’s core focus is to boost the payment card issuance experience for its clients while powering the adoption of secure and efficient cloud-based solutions.

Thales’ cloud-based Instant Issuance solution emerged as the ideal choice, fulfilling all the core requirements of Capital Bank Group. By partnering with Thales, the bank permits rapid deployment alongside existing branch equipment, a highly available infrastructure, and easy integration and scalability for other group affiliates.

From L To R-Mr. Izzidin AbuSalameh, Group COO of Capital Bank Group of Jordan & Nassir-Ghrous Senior VP, Banking, Payment Services for Asia, MEA at Thales

Commenting on the partnership, Mr. Izzidin AbuSalameh, Group Chief Operations Officer stated, “Cloud Instant Issuance from Thales is a win-win for Capital Bank Group and our customers. This solution allows us to deploy, integrate, and scale rapidly and efficiently, providing our customers with rapid card fulfillment and the opportunity to start using their new card the moment they leave the branch.”

Nassir Ghrous, Senior Vice President of Banking and Payment Services for Asia, Middle East, and Africa at Thales, highlighted the groundbreaking nature of Capital Bank Group Middle Eastern deployment of Cloud Instant Issuance. He stated, “Our solution aligns perfectly with Capital Bank Group’s strategy of developing a differentiated and customer-focused offer in Jordan. We look forward to further enhancing their instant issuance service and delivering the benefits generated by a cloud-based approach.”

Industry sources added that Thales has swiftly deployed Cloud Instant Issuance, which is backed by the industry-recognized PCI-DSS certification for securing transactions and cardholders’ data, across all of Capital Bank branches in Jordan. Clients can therefore receive their payment cards instantly at any branch, and then utilize them immediately both in-store and online.

Additionally, to in-branch issuance, Thales’ solution is enabling Capital Bank Group to actively develop a network of secure and flexible self-service kiosks. These kiosks are well connected to the Thales instant issuance solution, which further boosts the convenience and accessibility for its clients.

Capital Bank Group’s adoption of this Cloud Instant Issuance marks a huge milestone in the banking sector of the Middle East. This partnership demonstrates the Group’s commitment to innovation, simplification, and holistic financial solutions, ensuring that customers receive cutting-edge and secure payment card services.


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