June 24, 2024

ManageEngine announced the launch of SaaS Manager Plus

Rajesh Ganesan, president at ManageEngine
Rajesh Ganesan, president at ManageEngine

ManageEngine, a division of Zoho Corporation announced the launch of SaaS Manager Plus, a SaaS management solution for enterprises. SaaS Manager Plus seamlessly integrates with Zoho apps and other widely utilized applications, empowering IT admins and finance managers to streamline their SaaS ecosystems and identify cost-saving opportunities for better budget allocation.

Gartner projects the worldwide spending on public cloud application services (SaaS) in 2024 to be around $244 billion, representing 19 percent growth year over year. With organizations rapidly switching to cloud-based applications comes a massive challenge for IT teams—SaaS sprawl. Businesses struggle to discover all the SaaS applications employees are using, manage access permissions and ensure secure usage across a geographically distributed workforce.

“In our journey towards facilitating community-driven innovation within various organizations, we grapple with an ever-increasing count of SaaS applications that primarily serve as a support tool for users. These applications are not only strenuous to manage manually but add to our burgeoning IT spend. There is a need for a robust tool that helps us keep track of invoices and discover applications, thereby regulating cost inefficiencies associated with SaaS sprawl,” said Michael Coburn, information technology and security director at NEAR Foundation.

ManageEngine and Zoho logo

SaaS Manager Plus tackles these challenges head-on by providing a unified platform for SaaS management. It streamlines discovery, enforces access controls and offers valuable usage insights, allowing IT teams to gain control over their SaaS ecosystems, optimize costs and ensure data security, all while empowering a productive remote workforce.

“While multi-Cloud and multi-SaaS strategies offer enormous benefits, inefficient use of cloud resources and spiraling costs could topple business operations. A disciplined FinOps approach could help, but most organizations struggle to align it well with their management practices across IT, Finance, Operations, etc. Saas Manager Plus brings one of the key FinOps components to ManageEngine, which continues to evolve into a platform, thereby addressing this challenge for our customers. This launch is a testament to our commitment to solving technology management problems end-to-end for enterprises,” said Rajesh Ganesan, president at ManageEngine.

Highlights of ManageEngine SaaS Manager Plus

  • Gain a comprehensive view into all active SaaS subscriptions, including usage metrics, renewal dates and associated costs.
  • Identify underutilized subscriptions and opportunities for consolidation, leading to significant cost savings and maximizing ROI.
  • Integrate with leading identity and access management systems, help desk software and accounting platforms for seamless workflow integration and enhanced productivity.
  • Generate detailed reports on SaaS spending trends, usage metrics and cost breakdowns to facilitate informed decision-making and budget planning.
  • Receive proactive alerts and insights on upcoming subscription renewals, and avoid unnecessary expenses through timely optimization strategies.




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