Growth Sectors for Investors to Consider in 2021


The scope for investing in 2021 is huge, but where are you best investing your money? We have delved into some of the key growth sectors that investors should consider in 2021, so you can get the most out of your money.

Artificial Intelligence

The rise of AI has spread into many areas of society within recent years. From homes to business operations, the trend of artificial intelligence will continue to develop as the technology itself progresses. As it becomes more adaptable for various industries, AI is said to become a part of everyday life.

This spans from the health sector to the automotive industry. As AI becomes more ingrained with everyday life, investors too should capitalize upon this and get in fast.

Virtual Reality

Just as AI is a rising technology with unlimited potential for integration, VR is already well and truly here. This is especially true within the video game industry. Augmented reality is creeping into various industries such as, entertainment, retail, security and healthcare.

Additionally, there are also virtual reality entering into sectors like academia, with online teaching, as well as within the government sector. It is safe to say that VR is not simply a trend that will pass us by and is certainly here to stay.

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is not a new concept, but with upsurged societal pressure due to the climate hurdles, much more traction is being gained within this industry. The demand for renewable energy sources has now exceeded the demand for coal for the first time, so this is certainly one to watch.

Big Data

Big data is the term on tip of any investor’s tongue. As organisations look to review large amounts of data, they are able to save time, money and make decisions on a more highly informed basis.

When combined, all these aspects mean more acumen for companies that use this technology.

Cyber Security

Keeping data safe is one of the most important elements of any organisation., With the rise of digital, every successful company now operates online, which leaves potential risks when it comes to cyber attacks, data breaches and loss of confidential information.

AI links directly into this industry too, with a combined approach being made and a growth projection of over £100 billion within 2021 itself.

IT and Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has become compatible with any and every online industry. From private, public and hybrid cloud solutions, cloud infrastructure allows data to be accessed anywhere at any time. With this shift continuing to increase, any investors would be wise to get involved with this industry as more and more organisations begin to utilise upon these services.

When choosing the right industry to invest in, using an expert network can help you build your portfolio proficiently. It is important to keep your eyes on the market and never miss potential opportunities – they might be right in front of you. Stay informed, find the investments that are right for you and make money like never before.


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