Interweave acquires Orvecare into their fold


Interweave Textiles Ltd have welcomed and acquired Orvecare post purchase was done at foundation level. Orvecare is a Hull-based healthcare and emergency services supply manufacturer, being operational since 1976.

Orvecare, have the knowledge of over 40 years’ manufacturing expertise and with the aid of skilled clinicians, have designed a range of budget-effective merchandizes to aid with patient and clinician safety.

The full range of Orvecare’s merchandizes comprise of the patented passive warming blanket, Orvewrap+ that have been tested under clinical review in NHS hospitals and instituted to accomplish a high degree of compliance with the WHO standard for patient temperature management.

IIR Face Masks

Orvecare developed a production system to manufacture Type IIR face-masks on-site in Hull during the peak of the Covid pandemic in 2020. Having now purchased this UK PPE production unit, this empowers Interweave to be able to offer this vital product range in greater volumes and with a more reliable supply to NHS Trusts and other healthcare providers.

Interweave Textiles are ensuring the continuity of service to enable existing Orvecare customers to continue to receive the full range of products and services they rely on.

Charlie Benson, General Manager at Interweave Textiles, commented: “This is a fantastically positive acquisition for our business, with many synergies in terms of product area & customer base. Interweave will retain Orvecare’s UK & China production and sales capabilities; with all order processing & account management coming in-house at Interweave’s Elland HQ”



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