Within the forthcoming year 2022 Amazon Web Services in pursuit to unearth three data Centers in UAE

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  • The E-Commerce major Amazon has teamed up alongside numerous stakeholders, investors that also encompasses Abu Dhabi Investment Office (ADIO), to set up its data facilities centres in UAE.
  • On preceding Wednesday, the E-Commerce major Amazon’s Web Services (AWS) announced that it is in pursuit to launch up three data centres within the UAE during the initial half of next year for tapping out the mounting demand for the cloud backed services within the nation.
  • The Middle East as well as the African Markets have been amongst top three territories globally wherein the public cloud services realm had witnessed the swiftest progression, as stated by the International Data Corporation.

The latest data centres will thus, empower in the firm for progression of its data storage offering for both the public as well as the private enterprises, start-ups as well as the educational institutions, that are undergoing an uptick in demand for cloud solutions owing to the Covid-19 pandemic.

During 2019’s summer, the Seattle-backed firm had launched up three data centres- their initial ever in the territory- in Bahrain.

The Vice President of the worldwide public sector at AWS, Max Peterson, stated out recently that; “We have invested continuously since 2019 across the region … with the rapid growth in cloud computing demand, it became necessary for us to add additional capabilities.”

Mr Peterson promptly stated out that; “There is great potential in the Middle East to take advantage of modern cloud computing … they [businesses] are leveraging cloud because they want to reach the global market.” The executive did not disclose the exact locations of the UAE data centres due to security reasons.

The Middle Eastern territory as well as the African market is amongst the maximum three regions globally wherein the public cloud services domain is far sighting the swiftest aggression and climb, as according to International Data Corporation.

The expenditure on public cloud services in the province is anticipated to raise in to $11.6 billion by 2025, mounting at an annual rate of 25.5 percent, IDC stated out. The UAE, Saudi Arabia and South Africa persist to be the three major markets within the province for spending on cloud, it added.

AWS, the biggest cloud storage provider globally, counts First Abu Dhabi Bank, Flydubai, Union Insurance, Careem, StarzPlay, Anghami and Sarwa as its major clients. It however refused to disclose the investment completed in its UAE data centres.

Globally, AWS had 80 data centres across 25 locations, with strategies to launch 18 more data centres in Australia, India, Indonesia, Spain and Switzerland in add-on to the UAE in the approaching months.

The preceding month, AWS conveyed revenues of $13.5bn in the initial quarter of this year – approximately 6.2 percent additional than the preceding three months of 2020 – as demand for cloud computing sustained into 2021.

The director general of Adio, Tariq Bin Hendi, stated out that; “AWS’ announcement solidifies and reinforces what Abu Dhabi government has been doing and what we [Adio] have been creating in the UAE for the past many years.”

He also further added out that; “We are open to partnering with global companies to fuel the tech growth in the region. A lot of the companies that are basing themselves here don’t look at Abu Dhabi or the UAE just as a single market but they consider it as an access point to the wider region.”

AWS has united forces with numerous stakeholders in the Emirates, including Abu Dhabi Investment Office, to guarantee a smooth roll out of its data services in the UAE.

Numerous global tech titans, like that of SAP, Microsoft, Alibaba and Oracle have launched their data centres in the Middle East.

For provincial enterprises, shifting to a cloud system held by a specialized firm proves cheaper than generating their own infrastructure of servers, hardware and security networks.

The UAE is engrossed on optimal utilization for the advanced technology to develop its non-oil sector in line with an approach to diversify its economy and diminish its dependence on hydrocarbons. Adio is simplifying private sector involvement into the comprehensive economy via a public-private partnerships and by serving to appeal foreign investment.

Yuri Misnik, chief technology officer of FAB, also stated out that; “Our cloud approach has been one of the fundamental principles of our technology strategy since the beginning of last year. This has accelerated our digital transformation in the cloud and on-premises with 50 per cent improved time-to-market. “We welcome the upcoming AWS region in the UAE, which will help us realise our cloud ambitions effectively and securely while being fully compliant with local regulation.”

Srinivas Tallapragada, president and chief engineering officer of Salesforce, a US-based customer relationship management firm, stated out that; “We are excited to partner with Amazon and bring our trusted platform to new markets, empowering customers to succeed from anywhere by leveraging Hyperforce [cloud platform] and all the advantages of public cloud computing.”

AWS’ data services will similarly permit its global clients to leverage the province to serve their fresh audiences.


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