July 22, 2024

Eagles Developments Launches Initial Project In Sheikh Zayed City

Eagels Developments announced its first project, in Sheikh Zayed City, over 16.000 square meters, at EGP 2bn investments
Eagles Developments launches its first projects in Sheikh Zayed City at EGP 2bln investments-Image Courtesy: Eagles Developments

Eagles Developments announced its first project, in Sheikh Zayed City, over 16.000 square meters, at EGP 2bn investments.

According to Industry sources, VIA compound is considered one of the distinguished residential projects witnessed by Sheikh Zayed City because it is characterized by an exceptional location that takes into account uniqueness and innovation in All its details, in addition to offering flexible payment systems, as well as offering units of various sizes.

Eng. Raafat Fangary, Chairman of Eagles Developments stated “That we are pleased to launch this project in the presence of a large group of media figures and journalists who are partners of success, explaining that the project will be the beginning of an expansion plan for the company throughout the Republic, as the company is studying all investment opportunities in the real estate market, as the company owns A diverse real estate portfolio that includes projects in Sheikh Zayed, with a total value exceeding 5 billion pounds, as the company includes 40 years of experience, which qualifies it to choose the best locations to establish its real estate projects with a distinctive character.”

Eagles Developments launches its first projects in Sheikh Zayed City at EGP 2bln investments

He added that Eagles Developments is targeting contractual sales for the project worth one billion pounds, as the company is pumping 500 million pounds into the project’s construction work to speed up the pace of the project’s implementation stages, which is scheduled to be completed in December 2027.

He continued: The project is being implemented in two phases. The first phase will be launched, which will be built on an area of 8,000 thousand square meters with investments of one billion pounds. The first phase includes 100 residential units, on a building area of 22% of the total area of the project.

He pointed out that Sheikh Zayed City, west of Cairo, was chosen to be the beginning of the company’s first projects, because the city is witnessing high demand and demand from customers, adding that the company is keen to choose distinctive locations for its projects, which guarantees the best investment for the company’s clients, and the company is studying all opportunities available in the real estate market. Especially the administrative capital and the northern coast.

He added that Eagles Development has provided its clients with all the advantages in this pioneering project, as the project is located in a special place and includes unique details, in addition to contracting with strong success partners to ensure the implementation of an integrated project that achieves the highest return on investment.

“Eagles DEVELOPMENTS” contracts with major consulting and architectural design companies, including DSC, the project consultant, to implement the VIA Compound with the highest quality according to the latest designs that take into account all services, to establish a project according to the latest technological methods, and this is within the company’s strategy of contracting with the strongest operational entities from In order to ensure the quality and efficiency of the performance of its projects in the future.

In its contracts, the company relies on the strongest consultants, operating companies, and services from the beginning of planning its project with the aim of providing a distinctive product to the market capable of competing during the coming period, while providing facilities management services, in accordance with international standards for customers.

The project includes a group of major companies in the field of designs, consulting, facility services, maintenance and security, including engineer Hatem Rumeih, partner and executive director of DSC, general consultant for the project, and engineer Ahmed Matar, Vice Chairman of Alpha Matar Elevators Company, Mr. Omar Al-Sawy, founder of Horizon Services Company, and Engineer Ahmed Sedeek, Executive Director of TCC Security Company.

The company’s shareholder structure includes businessman Raafat Fangary, Mr. Ihab Al-Saeed, and Mr. Hani Harith, all of whom are prominent businessmen with a history of work in the real estate sector extending more than 20 years, which highlights the extent of the company’s strength in the real estate sector since its inception in the real estate market.




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